Off Line Marketing

Most businesses spend a lot of money online and via other marketing channels like radio, newspaper & TV. But once their prospect gets to them, they hope their prospect will automatically get mesmerized and jump all over their business. Many times the customer is in need and they will ask, but there are many times they wont. For example if you are at a restaurant, a customer may not ask for your full beverage menu. Or you may be serving something every Friday, however you do serve it on other day as a special request. Local customers may know this, but not those who are just passing by! TV’s, extra menus and pamphlets laying around should advertise these. This is true of any business including Automobile Dealerships, Churches, Service Stations etc.

We provide multiple options for marketing local including but not limited to;

  1. TV Menu Slides
  2. Short Videos
  3. Printed Banners
  4. Printed Menus
  5. Business Cards
  6. Postcards
  7. Flag Banners
  8. …. much much more