Dealer Elements is exactly what the name implies. It is small parts of a dealership or a small business services that when put together help the dealer or a small business achieve maximum success!

Most dealers and small businesses have many of these pieces, and are missing some pieces. Every piece missing makes a difference in results and when the need for quality arises, that is when our services come in.

We are a local Houston based small business formed by a group of entrepreneurs who have worked in the Houston market in Sales and Marketing for over a decade.

We realized how big companies take advantage of every media and opportunity to grow, while small businesses who are not aware of the potential in these opportunities are left behind. So we took it on our selves to expose these services to them and to inform and empower them by offering the services that are customized for each business.

As entrepreneurs running small businesses our selves, we realize the budget constraints of small businesses, as such we keep our fees as low as possible (with no over heads) and if we are at comfortable level of communication with small business owners we share other business insights that we have learnt. Because we understand that “what goes around, comes around”.


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